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Take the Appraisal Challenge Rules and Steps:

Step 1: List Requirement
Submit a detailed list of all your Apple devices. The list must contain at least 100 devices. Include either the serial number or specific device specs.
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Step 2 : Guess the Value of Your Devices
Do your best to guess the US$ value of your devices. The closest contestant to the value as determined by Josstec wins.
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Step 3: Josstec will deliver a full appraisal to you and honor the value as a buy-back price for you
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IT Departure Redefined: Simple, Secure,Eco-Conscious

At Josstec, we provide businesses with a hassle-free solution for retiring their Apple devices.

Prioritizing safety and security, we ensure that all data is meticulously wiped from devices, safeguarding sensitive company information.

 Not only do we streamline the process to ensure ease and convenience, but our commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that devices are recycled or repurposed responsibly, minimizing environmental impact.

Top Security Standards

Complete data erasure. Rigorous security checks, ensuring zero data remnants.


Environmentally responsible, ensuring electronic waste is minimized, recycled, or repurposed.


We simplify the removal of Apple devices with a seamless, hassle-free process.

We Pay You

We buy back your Apple devices- for Cash