Josstec technicians take steps to permanently destroy, delete and remove all customer labels, tags, and/or other identifying marks, and all application software, information and data, if any, contained in such device.

We test each device and verify that no information or data can be retrieved, restored, recaptured, viewed or disclosed before releasing any device. Josstec performs such information and data destruction services using manufacturer’s instructions, BIOS disk wipe tools, and a variety of secure wipe tools from third-party vendors.

As requested, we will provide you with certification on the data cleansing details for your records.

Examples of our tools:

Seagate Certified Erase Solution

With Seagate Secure certified drives across our portfolio, Seagate is uniquely positioned to provide the highest levels of assurance for certified erasure services. The certificate of data erasure is digitally signed by the private keys of the drive and meets the NIST 800-88 R1 Erasure Certificate requirements. The solution provides the Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 levels of assurance for drive erase functionality, security, and cryptograph along with an immutable certificate of erasure which can be verified to be authentic to each drive and Seagate. With Seagate Secure Certified Erase, you get the strongest assurance of compliance for data protection.

Seagate Certified

White Canyon Software – WipeDrive Services

WipeDrive has quickly become the erasure standard for thousands of data center infrastructures and ITAD environments around the world. The pervasiveness of WipeDrive software has created substantial demand for WipeDrive experts and service and consulting professionals for new implementations and complex ITAD and data center transformation projects.

white canyon

Western Digital / SanDisk Sanitize

Sanitize permanently destroys all user data on the SSD. 

Note: Sanitize deletes the mapping table and erases all blocks that have been written to on the selected SSD.

Western Digital

BC Total Wipe 

BCWipe Total WipeOut is a data erasure software designed to wipe entire hard drives – including boot records, file-system structures, operating system files and hidden areas such as the Host Protected Area (HPA) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCO). BCWipe Total WipeOut offers a better, ecological and profitable alternative to degaussing and physical destruction. 



BitRaser guarantees wiping of sensitive data permanently from hard drives, SSDs, desktops, laptops & servers. BitRaser helps safeguard privacy and prevents data leakage when disposing, donating, returning or reselling old storage media or devices. For organizations, it is a perfect tool to mitigate risks of data leakage and meet statutory & regulatory compliance.