Become a Partner and Maximize
the Value of Your Apple Devices

Optimize Your IT Budget

When institutions hang on to their devices beyond their high-value years, they lose money as their assets’ value decrease. We will advise the best time to sell your Apple devices to provide the highest return, which enables you to better forecast IT needs, optimize your IT budget, provide enhanced asset performance and features, and limit the exposure and risks of older devices.

Manage Risk

We follow a stringent data management process to ensure that sensitive data is not inadvertently compromised. Every machine we purchase is issued a data destruction certificate. Our programs are also flexible. For example, should you wish not to decide to engage Josstec at any point in your assets’ lifecycle, we can adjust our valuation model according to your needs.

Better Management of Your IT Assets

Our assessment process is quick and non-invasive. At your convenience, we arrange an onsite visit to collect the serial number for each one of your devices. When we return, it’s with a comprehensive breakdown of your assets’ functionality, appearance, and the overall condition of each device. We provide trade-in/trade-up recommendations, tapping into the residual value of your used device, and delivering significant benefit in reducing your management of end-of-life Apple products. This allows you to realize maximum value for your assets during their entire lifecycle and extend that value to new devices or programs upon their sale to Josstec. We manage through the whole process to take the burden off you, allowing you to better focus on other strategic initiatives and reducing overall IT management costs.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In addition to reselling your end-of-life equipment, we also harvest components from broken devices, ultimately lowering your carbon footprint. This helps you meet institutional mandates and regulatory requirements and establishes a program aligned with your department’s sustainability goals. What’s more, for many clients, we pick up any machines you sell to us directly — no need for you to package up or mail us anything. How do you like them Apples?!