We Also Provide Additional Flexibility and Value.

We are dedicated to helping our clients with their IT hardware lifecycle programs and safeguarding data exposure from their discarded or end-of-life IT assets. We’ve spent more than a decade working with clients in education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail and digital industries. Our customized approach allows our clients to feel we understand precisely the productivity and financial challenges their institution faces, while being confident that we handle their secure data with maximum efficacy. 

The handful of case histories outlined below demonstrate a few scenarios where we have helped with the specific challenges of our clients. Hopefully, you will identify with one or two of them. If you feel your situation is different though, please reach out, and we will set up a call to speak with you directly and hear of your needs firsthand.

IT Director of a Global Business

Our client is the IT director of a worldwide vacation property management company with agents all over North America. The company predominantly uses iPads and MacBook Airs for data collection, though they inherited a hundred or so PCs from a recent hotel acquisition. These devices get a lot of wear and tear, so the company ends up with machines that they don’t know what to do with; meaning they’re not equipped to perform hardware repairs or have the time and budget to implement a full break/fix program. Because their IT department is focused on software issues, end-of-life hardware is problematic. Before Josstec was involved, this company would accumulate their old devices and pay to have them removed or give them free to a recycler. 

The first thing we did was give them a meaningful amount of money for their old machines. Their second set of challenges concerned the physical handling and data deletion of the devices. We organized for each device to be safely shipped to us, where we securely deleted all data from the machines at our site.

“These guys check all the boxes! The whole process was hassle-free; I didn’t even need to ship the machines! I know that sounds like a small detail, but we’re talking about sixty machines, so it was a big deal to me.”

IT Director of a Medium-sized Digital Agency

For the past ten years, we’ve worked with the IT Director of a digital agency who supports numerous employees working remotely throughout the country. Before we expanded our partnership, he had worked almost entirely with the Apple store, coming to us occasionally to fix a broken screen or other small item, knowing that he wouldn’t have to wait in line for hours for a relatively minor issue. Over time, our relationship developed as his confidence grew in our ability to service his Apple devices and keep them up-to-date at a better price than dealing directly with Apple. He also took advantage of our trade-up program to refresh his devices on a regular basis, keeping his client base more productive and happy – all on a tight budget.  Each machine we provide is pre-installed with his operating system and apps of choice; a small detail, but an example of the kind of customization that we can offer. 

“Josstec is a great alternative to Apple. I don’t have to jump through hoops to get an appointment or wait to get things done. These guys get things done right away, and they know Apple as well as any Genius Bar technician.”

VP of Asset Disposition at a Publicly-traded Bank

This client is the VP of Asset Disposition at a major, publicly-traded financial institution. His number one challenge is to adhere to a high compliance and exposure level, given the nature of the data on the bank’s devicesHe is also required to maximize the return on EOL devices and must meet or exceed established financial metrics, even in a changing market. Over the past ten years, Josstec has proven a highly trusted and valuable partner in consistently achieving both requirements. 

“A good working relationship comes down to trust, and these guys have mine 100%.”

A Principal at a Small, Regional Elementary School

Our client is a very busy principal at a small regional school with a minimal budget for tech purchases. He has resisted Chromebooks for his students, preferring the Apple experience instead. With the help of our trade-up program and lifecycle planning assistance, he’s been able to sell his end-of-life devices while they still retained market value, thereby allowing him to maximize his IT budget and providing his faculty and students with expanded options and newer model devices. 

“It’s a big help to my school and me to have inside knowledge of the market. I wear too many hats as it is, so to have someone tell me when to sell and what to buy is one less thing I have to stress over. Not to mention they stretch every single dollar I have to spend on tech to the max.”